Mettez un studio dans votre iPad avec Sample Lab en promotion à 0.79€ !

Mettez un studio dans votre iPad avec Sample Lab en promotion à 0.79€ !

Voici une application iPad musicale professionnelle qui va vous permettre de de mettre un sampler et un séquenceur dans votre iPad pour 0.79€ au lieu de 6.99€ ! Et oui, plus de 6€ d’économie pour cette pépite notée 4/5 sur l’AppStore US ! Cet échantillonneur complet de qualité pro vous permet d’enregistrer des sons, de les importer en utilisant iTunes, mais aussi et surtout de créer vos mix comme un pro ! A vous la musique à portée de doigt !

Profitez vite de ce prix réduit sur Sample Lab qui passe à seulement 0 € pour un temps limité !

Nom : Sample Lab
Catégorie : Musique
Prix promotionnel : 0€   
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Description précise de l'application iPad Sample Lab :

'.Powerful sampler, editor and sequencer for iPad and iPhone. • Record your own samples, or import wav, mp3, and your iTunes library. • Use as a simple drum machine or get your hands dirty editing with the per-beat cue point and loop controls. • Per-beat attack, queue point & loop control allowing for unique new sounds and more flexibility composing. No other software (iOS or otherwise) offers this. • Professional quality pitch-shifting preserves sample length and formants while giving you 2 full octaves from any sample; without chipmunking. Lock a sample to a tempo and change track tempo to time stretch/compress**. • Pinch-zoom precision sample editor lets you select your audio and drag it right onto a track. • 8 stereo tracks @ 44.1kHz with per-beat volume, pan and pitch control. • Copy/Pasteboard support for sharing audio with other apps. • Mixdown to WAV & upload to SoundCloud**. • Audio Multitasking: Sample Lab will continue to play audio after you switch apps. • Multi-touch trigger pads for tapping in patterns or stand alone performance. • 4 real-time DSP FX: distortion, bit crusher, resonant cutoff, and reverb**. • Multi-touch sequencer lets you build a composition with ease. • Virtual MIDI support lets you control other audio apps from Sample Lab**. • Shuffle control for simple syncopation. • More than 100 samples included to get you started. • Punch-in loopbox style recording on each track allowing for recording layers of loops live**. • MIDI Clock-sync output and Virtual MIDI output with per-track channel control. Send notes and clock signals to other supporting apps while multitasking**. • MIDI input support: trigger samples and record beats with a MIDI controller to get variable velocity and lower latency. • Use MIDI to punch-in/out for pedalboard hands-free looping**. • Plug & play support for Akai LPD8 and Behringer FCB1010. Sample Lab was made to fit into your live set. You can: • Trigger samples or tap un-mute for percussive slam fading • Slice up a beat • Load a different composition or sample kit • Control 8 FX parameters at once with X/Y axis controls** • Record and drop-in layers of beatbox or harmonizing vocals ...all without stopping the music. For more info, check out the demo videos at Send any questions, comments, suggestions to ** Feature currently supported on iPad only.'

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2 Avis

  1. leprepresse 5 années ll y a

    Du trés lourd avec cette appli Cinefou ! je prends, merci

    • Auteur
      cinefou 5 années ll y a

      @leprepresse tu as bien raison ! Une belle promo en plus

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