Mettez le navigateur parfait dans votre iPad pour seulement 1,59€ au lieu de 3,99€

Mettez le navigateur parfait dans votre iPad pour seulement 1,59€ au lieu de 3,99€

Son nom à rallonge mon à quel point ce navigateur est complet et bien plus pratique que Safari. Surfez à la vitesse supérieure Grace à cette perle que je vous conseille chaudement !

Profitez vite de ce prix réduit sur Perfect® Web Browser - with Dropbox & Drive support qui passe à seulement 4.99 € pour un temps limité !

Nom : Perfect® Web Browser - with Dropbox & Drive support
Catégorie : Productivité
Prix promotionnel : 4.99€   
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Description précise de l'application iPad Perfect® Web Browser - with Dropbox & Drive support :

'.Perfect Web Browser is the best and the most advanced web browser for iPad with Downloads, AdBlock, Desktop Rendering, Dropbox, Google Drive, Precision Scrollbar, Auto Refresh, Offline Pages, Passcode Lock, Fullscreen TV Out and more. Experience Better-than-Desktop class web. "The Ultimate iPad Browser" - Highlights: √ ADVANCED DOWNLOAD MANAGER Download files from the web, fast. Perfect Browser auto-detects downloads initiated by web pages. Download all detected files at once, or one by one. You can also long press on links to download. √ CONFIGURABLE PER-TAB AUTO REFRESH Long press a tab and choose 'Auto Refresh...' to configure page refresh duration. √ DROPBOX & GOOGLE DRIVE UPLOAD Perfect Browser can save files to Google Drive and Dropbox. √ EXTENSIVE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Perfect Browser supports keyboard shortcuts. Scroll with cursor keys, zoom, adjust font size, bookmark, navigate, search, input url. Every action is just a key press away. - 25 shortcuts are supported. √ TOUCH SCROLLING: AUTOMATED SMOOTH SCROLLING Scroll by merely touching on the up/down buttons, conveniently reachable from thumb rest position. Pages scroll naturally and fluidly. - Scroll instantly and precisely with the HYPER Scroll Bar √ AD BLOCK Perfect Web Browser can block most ad banners in web pages. Enable in Settings > AdBlock. √ TABS Browse with unlimited tabs. Long press to open links in new tabs or in background. - Tabs load simultaneously. √ FILE MANAGER Perfect Browser supports numerous file types: documents, pictures, archives and media. Includes an enhanced PDF reader. - Edit/rename/organize files & folders. - Extract Zip files - Transfer/Add/Copy files using iTunes File Sharing - Send files via Email - Send/receive files via Open In... √ PASSCODE LOCK Protect access to files and browsing session with a password. √ FULL SCREEN MODE View websites using the entire iPad's screen. √ DESKTOP BROWSER RENDERING Perfect Browser can spoof user agent and render web pages like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox or IE. - Websites show up as if you were surfing from that browser. √ FULL SCREEN TV OUT Perfect Browser can mirror web pages in full screen in 1080P/720P format via VGA/HDMI/AirPlay-Mirroring. (Full screen display in landscape mode). √ GESTURES Frequently performed actions are even faster with intuitive gestures. - Flick 3 Fingers Up: Enter address. Down: Close tab. - Flick 2 Fingers Left/Right: Switch tabs. Three: Go Back/Fwd. - Tap 4 Fingers: Toggle Fullscreen. - Every gesture & action can be customized. √ PRESENTATION MODE for TV OUT Perfect Browser lets you choose a specific tab to be mirrored to a TV or projector. - Switch to different tab(s) and browse the web as usual, and it remains on iPad's SCREEN only. √ PRIVATE BROWSING Perfect Browser provides three levels of private browsing modes for unsurpassed privacy control. - Option to have Tabs & Session Cleared on pressing Home, Power or on receiving a call or notification. √ RAPID WEB SEARCH Perfect Browser displays search suggestions. - Tap 'Insta' to go to top result w/out having to wait for search results to load. √ AUTO ZOOM Perfect Browser can display web pages zoomed in, with adjustable zoom amount. √ AUTO FILL Autofill data can be saved for a site with one tap. Perfect Browser autofills form data when you visit that site (can be disabled). √ IMPORT & EXPORT BOOKMARKS Perfect Browser can import & export bookmarks from/to any Mac/PC browser. √ ADJUST FONT SIZE (25% to 300%) Perfect Browser can also save custom font preferences for each site. √ SAVE FULL PAGES √ SHARE LINKS - Twitter, Facebook, Email & iMessage √ Great features: - SCREEN DIMMER - Rotation Lock - Address auto-complete - Background Audio Playback - View Source - Save Images - In-Page Search - Block Images - AirPrint - Web Compression - Kiosk mode - Bookmarks Bar.'

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