Le très bon jeu iPad Tactical Soldier HD est en promotion à 2.39€ !

Le très bon jeu iPad Tactical Soldier HD est en promotion à 2.39€ !

Voici une petite perle réservée à mes lecteurs préférés 🙂 Le jeu Tactical Soldier HD vous propose d’intégrer un groupe de soldats d’élite. Une base a été infestée de zombies : vous êtes envoyés dans cette base pour sauver le monde. Par les créateurs de l’excellent Monster Ball, ce jeu iPad vous est propose à 2.39€ au lieu de 3.99€… pour un temps très limité !

Profitez vite de ce prix réduit sur Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising qui passe à seulement 4.99 € pour un temps limité !

Nom : Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising
Catégorie : Jeux
Prix promotionnel : 4.99€   
Taille :

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Description précise de l'application iPad Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising :

'.Tactical Soldier is a tactical squad level turn based game where you control a group of soldiers trying to uncover the dark secrets of an army research base invaded by zombies. From the makers of Monster Ball, Smack Boxing, Smack Hockey, TouchWars and ElectroCute, we go back to the roots and re-invent turn based gaming in a modern, mobile world. ————————————————— Campaign 2 - Mopping up, now available as an in-app purchase! ————————————————— iOS App of the day at TUAW! Game of the month at TouchArcade! ★★★★★ ————————————————— “If you’re looking for something new to scratch your tactical itch, then Tactical Soldier – Undead Rising is highly recommended.” - TouchArcade “Tactical Soldier has been garnering some acclaim on the App Store lately, and it's well deserved.” - TUAW “This game is definitely one to check out, for turn-based tactical fans, as well as zombie fans!” - Gamers Route “Tactical Soldier – Undead Rising isn’t just another zombie-based iPad game; it offers depth and complexity that many of its predecessors lack.” - iPad n’ Gravy “Thankfully Tactical Soldier takes it down a few notches and gives us what is basically X-Com meets the undead. [...] If you’re on the lookout for a nice tactical game to challenge your wits, Tactical Soldier is well worth a look.” - TouchMyApps User reviews: “Finally a zombie based game that rewards strategic thought! An inspiring approach to the genre for "true" zombie game aficionados. (the original Resident evil games etc.). Very highly recommended!” ★★★★★ - Romero Steel “I was looking for an xcom styled zombie game the day this came out. Bought it instantly. Great game. Good 3d graphics and the comic style cutscenes were a nice touch.” ★★★★☆ - rob3d “Anyone familiar with the Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm, Laser Squad or X-Com series is going to feel right at home with this game.” ★★★★★ - Canyonxplorer ————————————————— NOTE: The game does not support iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2nd gen or earlier -- Features -- • Horror/Zombie theme. • Full 3D world with detailed level art. • Exciting boss fights. • Different weapons for different play styles. • Experience points and skill-ups on a per-unit basis. • Enemies drop unique powerups. • Action aware ambient sound system. • Lots of unlockable achievements. • “Pick up and Play” Mechanics. • 7+ Hours of Story Driven Gameplay (+even more added in Campaign 2!). • Game Center Integration. • Universal iPhone (3GS and later) and iPad support..'

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