Le magnifique simulateur d’hélicoptère Apache SIM HD est en promotion à 0.79€

Le magnifique simulateur d’hélicoptère Apache SIM HD est en promotion à 0.79€

Noté 4.5/5 sur l’AppStore, je vous invite à découvrir un magnifique (et je pèse mes mots) simulateur d’hélicoptère pour votre iPad. Intitulé Apache Sim HD (pour iPad), ce jeu vous invite à monter à bord et à piloter des hélicoptères modélisés en 3D. Avec des cockpits détaillés très réalistes, vous allez pouvoir voler de jour, de nuit, tirer, réaliser des missions, voler librement,… bref, du très lourd ! Et profitez de 70% d’économie pour un temps très limité ! Le jeu iPad passe à 0.79€ ! [Voir la fiche iTunes]

Profitez vite de ce prix réduit sur Apache SIM HD qui passe à seulement 2.99 € pour un temps limité !

Nom : Apache SIM HD
Catégorie : Jeux
Prix promotionnel : 2.99€   
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Description précise de l'application iPad Apache SIM HD :

'.Enjoy a fully featured combat flight simulator and join +1.500.000 players of the most realistic combat simulator for iPad. Apache SIM HD brings in the game such incredible detailed processing of a combat helicopter with a unique physics and weapon system that has not been here yet. You will not believe it's only a game for mobile devices! Become a pilot of AH-64 Apache, one of the most famous combat helicopters of all time. Enjoy land & carrier combat operations with various scenarios or improve your flight and landing skills in the free flight mode. AH-64 Apache is capable of conducting the full spectrum of operations from support to major combat in warfare and is still the ultimate among the military helicopters. Over 1.500.000 players can't be wrong! ***** Reached ***** TOP #1 ALL PAID APPS in United Kingdom TOP #6 GAMES in US TOP # 2 ALL PAID APPS in Germany TOP #1 ALL PAID APPS in Czech Republic TOP #10 in many other countries !!! Check the new Black Shark HD game with the Russian Ka-50 !!! Main features: - high detailed 3D models - high detailed realistic cockpit - M230 chain gun and rockets with infrared targeting system. (FLIR) - refueling - refilling ammunition for weapons - fighter missions - non fighter / flight skill missions - day / night operations - free flight mode - bonus Air show mode - realistic sound effects - high detailed graphics - optimized fps for all supported devices - HD resolution - maximal intuitive controls - simulation & arcade mode =================================================== ***** FEATURED BY APPLE NEW & NOTEWORTHY, STAFF FAVORITIES, WHAT'S HOT ***** ***** swipe4fun.com - Excellent 4/4 ***** "Apache SIM HD is one of the most challenging games available on the iTunes" ***** crazymikesapps.com - 4/5 ***** ***** AppAdvice.com ***** "Overall, Apache SIM HD is a top-notch game for fans of flight simulators. The beautifully detailed high quality graphics will impress you while the realistic controls will fill you with anxiety until you can better handle the bird. At $3.99, you are getting more than your money’s worth." =================================================== FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/apache3dsim TWITTER - http://www.twitter.com/apache3dsim YOUTUBE - http://www.youtube.com/svkfill If you need help with some mission or have any problem, please visit the Facebook page or email me..'

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