L’application iPad Prénoms de bébé Premium est en promotion à 0.79€ !

L’application iPad Prénoms de bébé Premium est en promotion à 0.79€ !

Voici l’application iPad idéale pour tous les futurs parents ! Avec plus de 36 000 prénoms de 100 pays différents, vous allez tous savoir sur les prénoms des bébés dans le monde entier… et ainsi vous faciliter le choix pour le plus grand jour de votre vie ! France, Canada, USA, Angleterre, Australie, Belgique,… l’application idéale pour tout savoir sur LE prénom qu’il faut à votre bébé ! Profitez d’une belle petite promotion à seulement 0.79€ au lieu de 2.39€ !

Profitez vite de ce prix réduit sur Prénoms de Bébé Premium qui passe à seulement 1.99 € pour un temps limité !

Nom : Prénoms de Bébé Premium
Catégorie : Médecine
Prix promotionnel : 1.99€   
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Description précise de l'application iPad Prénoms de Bébé Premium :

'."A Treasure Trove of Baby Names" - 148apps.com "A one of a kind app that can find a name for your baby fast. It is easy to use and does what it promises well." - appfinders.com "One of the most sophisticated baby name finder apps" - iphoneness.com User reviews: "Large choix, critères multiples. Excellent !" "Best in its category" "I love that I can save my favorite names so I can discuss them later with my partner" "I have tried quite a few baby name apps, and this one is by far the best that I have found for my iPad. The interface is clean and easy to use, as well as intuitive. It has everything you need and want to help with your naming conundrum." *************************** Baby Names Premium is the best and most complete tool for finding new names or learning everything you need to know to name your baby. Lots of names to discover and learn about. • 36,000+ names, from 100+ different origins • Popularity rankings from all over the world: France, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Portugal • Name details include: gender, origin, meaning and popularity ranking per country, with a graph showing its evolution throughout the years • Jump from one name to another with the Similar Names list • Search for any field you want to: gender, origin, name, meaning or popularity Keep track of your favorite names and share them with others. • Add names to your favorites list and order them according to your preferences • Use bookmarks to track your progress in case you want to go through the whole list • Send your favorites list to your partner via e-mail • Post your favorites on Facebook to see what your friends think And more! • Integration with Google and Wikipedia makes it easy to look up even more information about each name • Enter your own surnames or middle names (for each gender) to see what your baby's full name will look like • Add your own names to the list if you can't find them on the app • Let the app surprise you and shake your device to let it pick a random name for you • Fully compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and very fast even on older models.'

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