Gérez facilement vos fichiers sur votre iPad avec OrganiDoc HD en promotion

Gérez facilement vos fichiers sur votre iPad avec OrganiDoc HD en promotion

C’est un peu le couteau Suisse pour gérer et accéder à vos fichiers sur votre iPad. Il ne faut pas se le cacher, l’iPad a un point faible : la gestion de fichiers. Loin de la simplicité d’un PC ou d’un Mac, il était jusque là difficile de les gérer facilement… mais OrganiDoc HD pour iPad est là ! Avec des dizaines de fonctions pour gérer et lire vos fichiers (en local, via Wifi, via le Cloud,…), cette application iPad est devenue depuis hier un incontournable ! Ne manquez pas cette offre promotionnelle à 2.39€ au lieu de 4.99€ ! Foncez mes amis, les yeux fermés !

Profitez vite de ce prix réduit sur OrganiDoc HD - Your best file manager & PDF viewer qui passe à seulement 4.99 € pour un temps limité !

Nom : OrganiDoc HD - Your best file manager & PDF viewer
Catégorie : Productivité
Prix promotionnel : 4.99€   
Taille :

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Description précise de l'application iPad OrganiDoc HD - Your best file manager & PDF viewer :

'.A brand new design for iPad with amazing file management features. iPad is just like your personal data hub. So, you definitely need a powerful file management app to manage docs, pics, videos saved in iPad or email. OrganiDoc HD provides you a wonderful way to browse docs, pics, videos in different user interface. A protected area is designed for users to save private data and keep it a safe way. In addition, OrganiDoc HD even integrate popular internet cloud disks such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, box, iCloud, SugarSync, ASUS WebStorage, Soonr...etc. So, now you can manage all your files scattering in different storages into one app. Let’s see the key features as below: • Simply transfer docs, pics and videos from your PC through iTunes enabling browsing and management anytime, anywhere. • Revolutionary way to present your files in their respective presentation and interfaces, allowing more efficient file management. • Manage your docs, pics and videos in both public and protected mode. • Easily save your attachments within email to OrganiDoc HD. • Use free Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud disk services for backup remotely and download them on demand to your iPad. • Tightly Integrated with iCloud: Just tag files, photos or videos with iCloud icon and then they will be automatically stored to iCloud and pushed to your iPhone's OrganiDoc for sharing. • Observe sharing status of your Google files or Dropbox on iPad anytime. • Compression files such as ZIP or RAR can be extracted in OrganiDoc HD. Password protected ZIP or RAR are also supported. Files and folders can be compressed to a ZIP file. • Use OrganiDoc HD as your one stop file management app for emailing or dispatching file to other apps for further editing. • Use Wifi to transfer files from PC to iPad when there is no access to USB cable. • Support Air print features to print out files in iPad easily. • Support TV out features. Users can easily connect iPad to TV or projectors to do presentation. • Pics are saved with complete information such as GPS, focus, resolution and so on. • Browsing the majority of file formats on your iPad with the formats listed below: - MS Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx…) - iWorks '09, '08, '06 files (key, numbers, pages…) - PDF file (pdf) - Text files (txt, rtf, rtfd) - Web files (htm, html, xml, svg), Safari Web Archives (webarchive). - Compressed files (zip, rar) - Image files (jpg, tif, png, gif, bmp, BMPf, ico, cur, xbm) - Video files (mp4, mov, m4v…), Audio files (aac, mp3, m4a…).'

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