Créez vos animations sur votre iPad avec PhotoPuppet HD en promo à 1.59€

Créez vos animations sur votre iPad avec PhotoPuppet HD en promo à 1.59€

Voici une application iPad qui va vous permettre de créer de petites animations de manière très simple. Un bon moyen de faire découvrir à vos enfants comment se construit un dessin animé ! Plébiscité par la critique, cette petite perle dégotée rien que pour vous sur l’AppStore fera le plaisir des parents et des enfants ! Et même de votre compte iTunes puisqu’elle est en promotion à seulement 1.59€, soit -50% pour un temps limité !

Profitez vite de ce prix réduit sur PhotoPuppet HD qui passe à seulement 2.99 € pour un temps limité !

Nom : PhotoPuppet HD
Catégorie : Divertissement
Prix promotionnel : 2.99€   
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Description précise de l'application iPad PhotoPuppet HD :

'.Puppet animation and frame-by-frame animation combined. Tap record and animate everything! Play back and export to MP4 or YouTube. The easiest and fastest way to make cartoons on your iPad. Cut and insert fragments of your Photo Roll photos and move them on the screen. The app will record everything that you do. The recording can be edited using a timeline and exported as an MP4 video or directly to YouTube. Features: - creating characters/puppets out of the iPad photo roll with a specialized cut-out tool - characters can be created from many separately controlled parts (create puppets with animated legs, arms or heads) - frame-by-frame animation - create a sequence of frames in a single object - two different kinds of frame switchers with automatic/manual frame switching - automatic motion - e.g. rotation for car wheels or planets - recording, locking and editing individual object movement tracks - rewinding and fast forwarding via the timeline - exporting projects as MP4 video files - posting videos to YouTube and video links to Twitter and Facebook - sending projects via email - sending MP4 videos as email attachments *** Learn from video tutorials *** Visit our website, and watch video tutorials showing how to use different animation techniques and how to get the most out of PhotoPuppet HD. *** 50% discount for educational institutions *** Check for details - The App Store Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows educational institutions to purchase iOS apps in volume - PhotoPuppet HD is available under this program - please search for "morriscooke" in the VPP App Store. Reviews: "My first reaction to PhotoPuppet after I downloaded it was "Wow!" I was stunned to see the editing power in this app, even on the iPod. [...] There are all kinds of details that are not available in the other animation apps. You can edit the sound using tracks, like in Garage Band. You can snip parts out of audio tracks that you don't like. The elements in your animation are layered so you can control which ones show up on top of the others. The list of neat features goes on [...]" (first school in the world with a 1:1 iPad deployment for every pupil from P1 - S5) - "A beautiful, comprehensive animation toolbox [...] allowing creation of characters, backgrounds, talking heads and lovely track-by-track editing. I introduced it today to a class for the first time and was struck by the same feeling I had when first demonstrating GarageBand (what higher compliment could any app get!) that the sky now really was the limit! So, another tool for the 21st century teacher's toolbox. I think this one's a sledgehammer! " "It definitely has the most features for this type of app".'

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